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Event Logistics Simplified

Our platform ensures secure, scalable event workflows, with seamless promotion and efficient project management for easy organizing.

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Everything you need

Sleek, Simple, Stress-Free.

Seamlessly organize every detail through intuitive features, streamlining the coordination process. Experience a new level of efficiency and simplicity in event planning – it's your all-in-one solution.

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Effortlessly link up with Stripe, Eventbrite, and Luma for streamlined operations and publish events on multiple platforms at once.
Daily Digest
Our advanced AI offers daily updates on your organization's status and team productivity, allowing you to make informed decisions effortlessly.
Task Management
Leverage our task management tools to monitor team productivity and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
Utilize our comprehensive event budgeting tool for meticulous financial and strategic event planning.
Streamline the exchange of information, coordinate logistics, and share updates in real-time with your event partners, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.
Automated Kanbans
Automate your event logistic tasks with our AI-powered tools, freeing up your time to focus on the big picture.

Kanban Feature

Maximize your productivity and efficiency with our comprehensive Kanban feature, a versatile tool crafted to optimize workflow management, facilitate seamless task organization, and empower collaborative teamwork within your organization.

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Utilize this marketing Kanban board to efficiently plan and execute your marketing strategies.
Utilize our advanced financial Kanban for precise budgeting and expenditure planning.
Use this dynamic creative Kanban to plan and execute your projects, fostering innovation and maximizing potential.